Why Make Your Rise and Recline Armchair Highbacked?

A rise and recline armchair will take the strain off your legs and back when you need to sit up and get down, and you’ll find yourself enjoying superior support when you’re seated. Of course, you’ll quickly find there are plenty of designs from which to choose, including low-backed and highbacked models.

Here are just a few reasons why highbacked is the right choice for your rise and recline armchair.

Added Support

If you’re buying a rise and recline armchair, you probably suffer from some kind of mobility impairment. A rise and recline armchair helps by properly distributing your weight, and highbacked armchairs accomplish that goal more effectively than low-backed armchairs. Your head will be properly supported, and support along your upper back will prevent the lower back taking more pressure than it’s meant to. Additionally, it’s much easier to sit upright in a highbacked chair. Sitting in the right position is going to help avoid posture-related mobility issues.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic furniture is designed to increase comfort while reducing weariness. You’ll see a lot of it in offices where people spend most of the working day sitting at a desk. Ergonomics are an important part of rise and recline chair design since excellent support is always required. Highbacked chairs are naturally ergonomic, so it makes sense to choose the highbacked style for your rise and recline chair.

Protection from the Cold

Finally, highbacked armchairs are better at keeping in the warmth. If you place them opposite a fire or radiator, they trap the heat. Additionally, the high back prevents drafts hitting the back of your head. This is a serious concern if you suffer from mobility problems – you’ll find it harder to get up and that your body can’t cope as well with colder temperatures.

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