Why you should invest in a good raincoat

Gone are the days when wearing a womens raincoat meant pulling on a dowdy, unfashionable item that limited movement and doubled in weight during the first downpour. Nowadays, ladies rainwear is lightweight, fashionable and practical, providing maximum protection from the elements in a modern stylish way.


An umbrella is not for all seasons

Umbrellas it seems, have become quite the fashion accessory, and yet more of them end up in railway and taxi lost property offices year on year, than almost any other item.


While the umbrella may keep the raindrops off for that fast walk from building to building, or office carpark to car in a light summer shower. Do you really want to be fighting high winter winds determined to turn it inside-out, while you’re trying to hold the shopping in one hand, and juggle the car keys in the other during a heavy downpour? No, an umbrella is certainly not a tool for all seasons, but a fashionable womens raincoat can be just that.


Modern raincoat materials ensure a lighter, brighter garment

Using a mix of modern materials such as cotton, polyester, nylon, rayon, vinyl, and often the latest microfibres, raincoats no longer have to be hung for days on a coat-stand to dry them out. Lightweight, and usually designated water repellent or waterproof, a shake, and an hour on the coat-stand, sees them dry and ready for the coat cupboard.


The latest raincoats are also manufactured to high specifications. Designed to keep you dry, with sealed seams and pockets, they minimise any chance of rainwater entering from outside. They are also designed to minimise any wetness from the inside. Made of breathable materials, they reduce the build-up of personal perspiration, by allowing the air to circulate freely throughout the garment. A big bonus on those country walks, when the rain comes down one minute, and the sun is shining the next.


Make a fashion statement with your choice of womens raincoat

As a modern day fashionista, your choice of rain wear no longer hides your style, but enhances it. Whether your preference is for a country-girl type mid-calf length trench raincoat, or a practical knee-length raincoat for the school run, designers have covered all the angles.


The younger set can choose from hoodie style raincoats, anorak raincoats, parka and jacket style raincoats, to keep them in with the in-crowd. Colours and patterns haven’t been forgotten. You can let your personality shine through with bright yellow raincoats, pastel blues, greens, browns and tan raincoats, hooded or no-hood raincoats, as well as a variety of different patterned raincoats.


As summer draws to an end, are you beginning to look for a new umbrella – to replace the one you left somewhere? Dig a little deeper into your pockets, or break out the plastic, and instead, have a look at the latest styles of womens raincoats, and move into the world of rain-wear chic. 


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