Why Your Small Business Needs Eco Mailing Bags

As a small business, we understand that your primary goal is probably to minimize your expenses in whatever ethical way you can. After all, profit margins are key to staying open, and you have invested a lot into it.


So, you might just grab the cheapest, most readily available option when it comes to packaging. We’re here to tell you that’s probably a bad idea. It can leave a bad impression on your customer base, increase your carbon footprint, and cost your company big in some surprising ways; all to save what is quite literally a couple of pennies.


Instead, you need to switch to eco mailing bags.


Here’s why.


Customer Impressions


The vast majority of your customer base is done supporting companies that don’t align with their values, and coincidentally, going “green” is one of their biggest values, now. It’s not enough to change your company’s social media profile picture to an Earth Day image once a year; you have to take action in ways the customer sees.


One way to do this is with eco mailing bags. Eco-friendly mailing bags align with your customer’s values, show them you’re taking action to reduce your carbon footprint and shows that you take accountability for your company’s impact on everyone else. Right away, you’ll trigger some people to become repeat customers.


Now, this doesn’t mean customers are going to get a product in the mail with a plastic bag and go on a crusade against your company. It just won’t impress them to come back for more, and if they know you have the option but choose not to use it, they might switch to a company that does go the extra mile to align with their values.



Eco-friendly mailing bags aren’t fancy. They’re not made of gold or anything, and they’re not priced as if they were. This is one of the biggest misconceptions companies fall prey to when sourcing their packaging. Plastic might cost a penny less per bag, but that doesn’t make eco-friendly paper bags expensive. They’re more than reasonably priced, and they’re not going to tear up your profit margin. When considering how much of a benefit they can be to your company, they’re worth the extra penny or two.


High Customization Abilities


If you’re not leveraging every single part of your product to build your brand, you’re messing up. When you bulk-order plastic mailing bags, they’re usually shipped out as-is, and your product looks exactly the same when it gets to your customer’s mailbox.


With paper, you can order printed bags at checkout, and paper is so easy to customize that you can order pretty much any design you want. Hire a graphic designer to make an awesome bag design, bring that to your paper bag vendor, and see how easy it is to make your products stand out in the mail.


Switch to Paper Bags, Today


It’s not worth it to stick with plastic bags; even if you save a penny or two. The future is in eco-friendly packaging, and your customers demand you make the switch. It’s not just for them, though. Your company will see some major benefits.

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