Agents and Landlords

The inventory is an important document that governs all rental issues. Following the items on this document allows you to get your home back without damage from the tenants. As long as the tenant is living in your home, it is a good idea to periodically come and check on the condition of your property. The order of your inspection, the frequency, and the date should also be listed on the inventory.

If you need services of property inventory in London, contact our Inventory Flex company. Our professional experts, based on their own experience, can give you some helpful tips on how to interact with your tenants.

First, take care to put together a quality inventory. Describe all items in detail, take photos of them from different angles, and record everything you think is important in the tenant’s presence.

The inventory should include two large sections. These are the interior condition of your home and the exterior condition. Don’t forget to include a set of keys to your home. In the document, indicate who you give them to when the tenant moves in and how many. A separate page is allotted for fixing the meter readings. Also, spell out the alarm codes.

If the house has expensive furnishings, describe them in detail and take lots of pictures.

Check-in inventory can be carried out by the owner of the property before the tenants move in and check-out conduct after the end of the rental period. We recommend using the services of professional Inventory clerks from InventoryFlex.

Our organization has been in the real estate market since 2008. During this time, we have gained extensive experience in this area. We pass on the knowledge we have gained to our colleagues so that they are prepared for the different circumstances of our profession.

When your problems with tenants are handled by a professional, you can be sure that your property is safe. You also don’t have to spend a lot of time, possibly nervous in the future to resolve unexpected problems. An inventory clerk helps you exercise your legal right to keep your property safe.

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