The Art of Paper Carrier Bags

Plastic bags can often come in plain colours, with only the brand’s design on them. Worse still, plastic bags are toxic to the environment, and will not biodegrade, they photo-degrade.


Paper carrier bags, on the other hand, are not only environmentally friendly towards plastic pollution (being 100% recyclable), but they can also be created in a range of sizes, styles, and colours to suit you or your business’s needs.

Paper carrier bags can be designed for different eventualities


Paper carrier bags can come in a range of colours based on what type of paper is being used. For example, a brown paper carrier bag will be (you guessed correctly) brown, due to the colour of the paper. Or, this could be extended to black or white paper bags. This immediately extends the creative opportunity for you or your business, in comparison to the plastic bags we are so used to, with no creative touch.


The paper can also be printed in different colours. For example, you could select a range of colours that are suitable for you and how you wish to show your support for paper carrier bags.


Building on this, paper carrier bags printed using different colour can bring positive branding attributes. This helps to not bring benefits that are just environmentally friendly but also support your business’s branding including colour and feel. For example, a brand’s logo or colour choice. Or, if you are using paper carrier bags for personal use, you could extend this to having your name on it, to help locate your own paper carrier bag in a sea of other carrier bags when going shopping. If a paper carrier bag is to be used for a gift, they can even be catered for this (red printed paper!) with handle and ribbon tie options.


All these creative opportunities make you feel you are in control of your paper carrier bag choice visually, whilst knowing you are positively benefiting from the impact of plastic pollution. Paper carrier bags can also bring flexibility with the bag size, to suit a customer or business’s needs. For example, paper carrier bags could be tailored to suit a takeaway or a bottle of wine, or a larger size bag.


This creativity has also resulted in a trend associated with paper carrier bags. They have been visible in many places, including the workplace, retail shopping, schools and many others. The blend of paper carrier bags being associated with a cleaner environment, the creative element and the clean looks help to build popularity among individuals and businesses alike.



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