What type of paper bag should I use in my shop?

Getting the right bagging solution for your business can be a bit of a mind field if you are not sure on the details of different products. Unlike their plastic counterparts, paper bags come in a variety of different styles and sizes. This is good as it provides interesting marketing opportunities and the chance to get creative in the bags that you offer customers. Here we break down some of the best types of paper bags out there, and whether you should try them in your stores.

  1. Tote paper bags

Tote paper bags offer a classic design and are a good fit if you are a luxury store and are looking to supply customers with a stylish bag. Equally these bags also offer a lot of storage space so are good if you are a busy takeaway or convenience store as well.

  • Kraft paper bags

Kraft paper bags are made out of Kraft paper which provides a bespoke feel and strong resistance. The manufacturing process makes this type of paper very tear-resistant which is good if you supply angular products with the potential to damage paper bags that are not up to the mark.

  • Mailing paper bags

If you post a lot of products as a business, these are great paper bags to invest in. Paper mailing bags come in different specifications depending on the size of the parcel that you are sending which gives you a good deal of flexibility. Customising these paper bags will also give you a good chance to get your brand in front of an already engaged customer.

  • Recycled paper bags

If you want to market your store as green, recycled paper bags are a good route to go down. With recycling processes getting better over time, these paper bags are now very durable and work well with a wide variety of different products. Make sure you clearly display the recycled logo so that you get the maximum value out of the positive environmental

  • Compostable paper bags

Compostable paper bags have similar benefits to their recycled counterparts, but they are also very useful for customers. The compostable nature means they can be used to store and dispose of food with minimal impact on the environment. This also prevents less food waste going to the landfill, which can take a long time to properly decompose.

Which type of paper bag should I pick for my business?

The 5 types of paper bags listed all have different benefits and drawbacks. The simple answer is which one you pick will depend on your business needs. If you are an online store that distributes a lot of goods through the post, mailing bags are a great way to add a personal touch to customers. Equally, if you are running an up-market store, tote paper bags could be a good addition to your product offering. Make sure you invest in quality no matter which paper bag you adopt.

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