Why choose teak for your outdoor furniture?

Teak are tropical trees native to South and South East Asia, these trees possess an incredibly durable hardwood which is why they are the perfect choice for exterior projects such as outdoor furniture.

This hardwood species boasts fantastic stability against the effects of water, insects and rotting and so it is easy to see why so many opt for teak when choosing outdoor furniture. It truly is an excellent timber that can stand the test of time.

We’ve highlighted some of the benefits of teak outdoor furniture below

Why choose teak outdoor furniture?

For strength and durability

Teak, as mentioned above, is an incredibly durable timber and it is one of the strongest of the hardwoods. Teak can endure the worst of British weather, from torrential rain and blizzards through to hot summer days.

This means that when you purchase teak garden furniture you are purchasing it for life, as a piece of furniture that will age well alongside you as your family grows. What’s more, teak doesn’t require regular varnishing to stay strong as the wood is fully equipped to resist the elements by itself. However, you may want to coat it to preserve the colour more than anything, as it will change colour as it ages and weathers.

For its natural resistance to insects

Teak wood is dense and contains its own natural oil and silica. These natural properties help to keep insects and termites at bay and stop the wood from becoming damaged or rotten. This wood is also protected from water damage thanks to these naturally appearing oils and silica, which is why it has been a choice for boat building for centuries.

For its temperature moderating properties

Temperature moderation. What?

Well, an impressive characteristic to teak wood is its ability to moderate temperature. This means that on a hot summer’s day, you don’t need to worry about sitting down and burning the backs of your legs as teak does not absorb heat like other materials. In contrast, in colder months you can rest assured that your teak garden furniture will not feel cold to the touch.

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